About East Coast Aussies
All Adults and Pups to be Bred are Eye Cerf Normal

We do have puppies quite often. If not, I can recommend very Honest Breeders.  I,
myself have been taken from Bad Breeders and don't want to see it happen to you. All
Adults and Puppies can be Registered with NSDR (National Stock Dog Registry). Pet
Puppies are sold without papers till there spayed or neutered under a yr old, Then with
proof from vet I send out the nsdr papers in the mail. The Registry has been around for
55 yrs, and I wouldn't change to any other.

We were very lucky to get into the Good Lines our dogs came from, Starting with
Waggin Tail, Woodcocks, Rim Fire, Bluebell Hollow, Lash's, Celebrity Wards, Ruff
House,  and Adores. Waymires.  I want to Thank all the Breeders that let us have such
Wonderful Family Members. And Most of All the Wonderful Buyers of Our Past Pups
For the Last 15 years. Thank You All.

About Me

I've bred all types of dogs in the last 35 years.  When I came across these little
Aussies, I fell in love. I showed English Cocker's 30 years ago and took many to their
Championships. Then I raised Border Collie's for 12 years. Some of the nicest on  the
East Coast.  Then I stopped showing dogs and went into showing horses.  Pleasure
first, Then into the Speed of Barrel Racing.  I'm addicted to Toy & Mini Aussies for 13
years now and Barrel Racing for 30 yrs.