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East Coast Aussies Available Puppies
Eastcoast Aussies are some of the Nicest Aussies on the East Coast,  
Check out our Reference Page and Past Pups Page and see for yourself
I have Showed and Bred Dogs for over 42 Yrs,  Lots of
Experience, My Pups I have sold are Therapy Dogs, Agility Dogs,
Show Dogs, And Super Good Pets
If this Email Box Wont
work, My email is
I'm getting
Email's Asking if I
do Merle to Merle
Breedings, No
way, Can cause
deaf and blind
I'm Proud to say that we
are Inspected and
Licensed by the State of
Maryland Animal Control
once a Yr, And very  
Proud of my Breeding
Program. 46 Yrs
Breeding Dogs
For all the Veterans and
Thank You For
Your Service,
God Bless
Dont forget any Veterans Family get $100. off a Pup and
Repeat Customers get $100. off a Pup
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Please dont email me asking if you pay for a pup upfront will I leave the tail on, I will not sorry
Anyone that has bought
a Pup from me can now
Join my Private Group
called Mary's Offspring
Aussies on Facebook
All pups are raised here in my
livingroom, Moms are never left
unattended having pups
I'm not a broker, I help sell pups
for friends that use my stud dogs
as Sires
Wyatt at a yr old not matured yet, 14"
Rubie is Bred to Wyatt
Born Oct 23, 2016.  
Xmas Pups
Rubie, Red Merle 12"
River was Bred  to Bandit,
Born Nov 15, 2016.
Miniature Litter
All Sold Thanks
Candy is Bred to Pretty
Boy, Born
Oct 28. One Pup
 Red Merle Female                            Blue Merle Female                            Red Merle Female                             Red Tri Male
Sold to Relative in Florida.
Sold to Karen Walsh from
Arnold Md. Thanks
Sold to Victoria Pavel
from Phili Pa. Thanks
Sold to Stacy from
Va, Thanks Again
Dark Red Tri Male,
Large Toy or Small Mini
       Blue Merle Female             Blk Tri Female                  Red Merle Male                    Blk Tri Male  
Sold to Gary
Gregorio, Thanks
Sold to Denise Lagiglia from
Staten Island, NY, Thanks
Sold to Katherine Harris
from NJ. Thanks
Only One Left
Sold to Bailey and Bo Barker from Alex, Va. Thanks
Lexi has been Bred to Roper,
will be a Miniature Litter, Due
around Jan 8, 2017, Taking
Deposits Now
Lex was out of
coat in this picture
Only One Pup is Avail,
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