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The Sweetest Smartest Little Dog's On Earth
This Web Site Was Created January 2006

Eastcoast Aussies are Sweet, Smart, And Loyal.
Here at East Coast Aussies we don't hide anything,  Everyone is invited to come  visit,
play and learn more about the breed.  We want satisfied, Happy Customers. All dogs
are our house pets,  just a few more then normal.  There's a lot of love and care for
each family member.  They are our kids, They travel and sleep with us.  They make
great pets for Apartments & Townhouses and small quarters. Good with Children,
Elderly and other Animals. We raise Toys and Mini's. I am not a Broker for other
Pups but I do help sell Pups out of my Male Stud Dogs. I consider them Family

After owning a Toy or Mini Aussie you won't go to any other breed. They are the
greatest. People seem to think the Toy Aussies are to small and fragile. They are not
at all. They can keep up with the bigger dogs all day long and yet fit in your lap when
the time comes. Don't judge them without meeting them first.
Picture's belong to East Coast Aussie's and no one may use them without permission
Great State Of Maryland Welcome's You
We are very proud of our
Reference Page, Click on it
and see for yourself.
Now Taking Credit Cards
& Pay Pal
Now Taking Credit Cards
& Pay Pal
Pray for
our Troops
Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherds
Alert-Please Read: Look for
Red Flags before you buy a pup. If a
breeder doesn't let you see the
adults - Beware! Something is going
on and you should know about it.
Don't buy a pup without meeting the
parents.  Shy or skittish parents
pass on that gene. If at all possible,
go to the home.
East Coast Aussies
Eastcoast Aussie's has a kennel Breeding lic and we are inspected once a yr from Animal Control, There very impressed
with my breeding program and can see how much they are all loved. Owning more then 4 dogs that are not spayed or
neutered has to have a kennel lic. maryland is very strick on breeders. I'm very proud of our wonderful family of aussies
Home of Blue Eyed Tri's
Home of Blue Eyed Tri's
Thanks to every person who served in our Armed
Forces, Freedom does not come cheap and we are
grateful for all those who have served their country
Now accepting Early Deposits
What a Beautiful
Site this is,
God Bless America
All Pups are raised in my
Livingroom or RV when were
traveling, No Female is
unattended while having pups, My
husband is a great Midwife when
I'm not available.  Please stay
away from Pet Shops, Always buy
from a Well Known Breeder with
many yrs experience and
Reference's, Or Rescue
Breeding Dogs for over 42 Yrs.
Breeding Dogs for over 42 Yrs.
All Eastcoast Aussie Adults have there Eye's done and are Cerf Normal
Service Family's and Repeat
Customers get $ 100. Off a New Pup
If  you do not see what you are looking for please contact me. I can
recommend very Honest and Reputable breeders that Honor their
Word and Will stand by you and answer all your E mails and Phone
calls promptly for the life of the puppy.
When picking a puppy be sure it was raised in the home not outside.
Puppies left outside all day and night do not get the proper social skills
and may be difficult to train.
Make sure you get ALL the paperwork you are promised before you
leave the house
Buyer Beware
We Recommend

For all the Veterans
and Family's.
You For Your
3 % Extra
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