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Hello Mary,
I came across your web-site today and I wanted to say hello. Not sure if you
remember me. I got one of your precious puppies over three years ago, Mollie
and Two Bits were her parents. I picked out my puppy when she was about a
week old. My whole family would come to your house every weekend so we
could visit with her and take pictures. You and your husband were so kind and
patient with us. You always made us feel welcomed.  You made our experience
getting a puppy the greatest pleasure. Today my best friend Madison is doing
great and has brought me and my family the greatest  pleasure. She's one of a
kind;  I can't express to you how much she has brought into my life and for
this I thank you. I hope all is well with you and your family. I have attached two
pictures of my little girl MADISON.

Darlene Boyd and Family
A Molly and Two Bits Daugther
In Loving Memory
Family Members from Eastcoastaussies that have crossed over
the Rainbow Bridge, We miss them so much and will never be
forgotten. God Speed
Rimfire Red, Bluebell Hollow Two Bits, Bluebell Hollow Annie,
Droscals Too Blue, Stetson, Boomer, Sky and Bruiser.
Hi Mary, Kiwi is finally going to be spayed next week after missing her app a month ago,
family Emerg. You must have wondered what happen to us, but believe me.......
She is most amazing! Smart, evuberant love dog, And not a day passes when she hasn't
charmed even the most skeptical human, dog or cat. She's almost 11 months old now.
Hope you are well. I have sent sooooooo many people your way and hope kiwi will have
some relatives (or East Coast Aussie) who meets us with the carpool! Love, Michelle, (Kiwi,
Finn, and John too.
Jamie and I wanted to write you and thank you for letting us into your home to visit
you and your family, We were blown away by the affection and appearance of all the
dogs, Jamie was particularly touched by junior. We look forward to this June to
welcome one of your pups into our home. Well be in touch, Hank and Jamie