Eastcoast Aussies are Sweet, Smart, And Loyal

Australian Shepherd Breeder Maryland

Here at East Coast Aussies we don’t hide anything, Everyone is invited to come visit, play and learn more about the breed. We want satisfied, Happy Customers. All dogs are our house pets, just a few more then normal. There’s a lot of love and care for each family member. They are our kids, They travel and sleep with us. They make great pets for Apartments & Townhouses and small quarters. Good with Children, Elderly and other Animals. We raise Toys and Mini’s. I am not a Broker for other Pups but I do help sell Pups out of my Male Stud Dogs. I consider them Family.

After owning a Toy or Mini Aussie you won’t go to any other breed. They are the greatest. People seem to think the Toy Aussies are to small and fragile. They are not at all. They can keep up with the bigger dogs all day long and yet fit in your lap when the time comes. Don’t judge them without meeting them first.

Eastcoast Aussie’s has a kennel Breeding lic and we are inspected once a yr from Animal Control, There very impressed with my breeding program and can see how much they are all loved. Owning more then 4 dogs that are not spayed or neutered has to have a kennel lic. Maryland is very strict on breeders. I’m very proud of our wonderful family of aussies.