Mary has a tremendous love for her animals. She was especially helpful in allowing us to visit her and her home to see and experience her many toy and miniature Australian Shepherds, at a time when we were trying to determine what type of dog was right for us. Although she did not have “grandbaby puppies.” She has gone out of her way to answer our questions and shows a genuine interest in the progress of the newest addition to our family.

Patty Jividen

I would have to give Mary a 5 star rating for a breeder of quality Toy/Mini Aussies. For many years we have known her and seen her Good Citizen test at 6 months of age, which is quite an accomplishment. Mary takes great pride in raising her puppies in a very clean I would have to give Mary a 5 star rating for a breeder of quality Toy/Mini Aussies. For many years we have known her and seen her I would have
to give Mary a 5 star rating for a breeder of quality Toy/Mini Aussies. For many years we have known her and seen her puppies and two years ago had the opportunity to own one. The female we choose is very affectionate and smart. She passed her AKC Good Citizen test at 6 months of age, which is quite an accomplishment. Mary takes great pride in raising her puppies in a very clean environment, with lots of care and love and finds the best homes for them. Her males and females produce outstanding pups who can go on to compete in obedience and agility if you want to get involved in the show ring. She likes to keep in touch with the buyer and follow the progress of the pups. There are several people I have sent to her for pups who were also very satisfied.

Diane and Carl , Dillsburg, Pa.

I have five toy Aussies from Mary Kirkpatrick and I also use her stud service. All of my dogs are in excellent health have great bone structure and thick coats. Temperament is very gentle, loving, willing to please and they all are good candidates for agility showmanship. All of my pups matured with all of the above. Mary puts her heart and soul into her Aussies. Mary runs an honest business and treats each customer as a personal friend

Linda Schryer Lothian, Maryland

As a breeder, Mary spent a lot of time talking with us about her dogs and getting to know what we were looking for in a dog. She wanted to make sure that we were going to provide a safe, loving home for a puppy. She adores her dogs and wants to make sure that prospective owners will do the same when they get their new puppy. When Coco was born Mary sent us weekly pictures to keep us updated on Coco’s progress.

Mary kept telling us that we would soon be the proud owners of a wonderful little lap dog. Well, that is exactly what Coco has turned out to be. She is a sweet little lap dog who has brought our family a lot of joy. Coco gets along wonderfully with our children and our other dog and cat. We are very happy we chose Mary as our breeder and we would highly recommend her!


I remember the first time I emailed Mary and got an immediate reply. I wasn’t expecting someone as nice, genuinely sensitive & helpful as Mary. I felt like I had known her for years. We picked out the cute little puppy that was so small & eyes still closed & she made the process very easy for us. We had never bought a puppy from a breeder. My family fell in love with a little girl was called Destiny, Desi was short, and she immediately started referring to her as our Destiny. I bothered her relentlessly for the next several weeks and she was such a good sport. I was like an expectant mother!! We couldn’t wait to see and touch our new baby & she went out of her way to make that happen for us. I will always keep in touch with Mary & will certainly be getting our next little munchkin from her as well. Mary was so very personable and professional. You hear so many terrible things about many breeders, but she is heads and tails above the rest!!!! Mary, you have our eternal gratitude for the little bundle of love you made possible for our family. Desi is the most beautiful, friendly little girl I have ever had a pleasure of knowing. I’m so very glad I got to know you

Dawn Summers, York, PA

This was my first time getting a dog of my own and Mary made it an easy and pleasurable experience. She was very knowledgeable about the breed and was able to answer all of my questions. You can tell right away that she loves her dogs and what she does. She has no problems with you coming to see her dogs. All the dogs had a good temperament. I noticed very quickly after getting my dog, Henna that
she had the same temperament. She does very well with people, young children and other dogs. She is very affectionate and loves tocuddle. I have gotten should be expected as a breeder. You also helped us begin our new family with Molly in a positive way, with many pictures to put in her album. Thanks

Robert Scheidet

purchased Kali from Mary Kirkpatrick last July. Mary helped me choose the dog from a litter of 3, and she was absolutely correct!! We have another dog, and the new one fits in just right. We could not be happier (nor could he!) with our new pup. Mary was honest, we got what we paid for in a timely manner, and the dog is healthy and happy. Thank you so much for your service, Mary Kirkpatrick.

Sandy Henningsgaard

Hi Mary, I just wanted to say that the whole experience purchasing my puppy through you was wonderful. I look forward to purchasing another one with you. My little girl can’t be any cuter. Thank you for sending me pictures every week so I could watch her grow. I was so happy to be able to meet her at your house before I took her home to make sure there was a bond. It was so neat meeting all your other puppies and the parents, they are all so beautiful. Thank you again for everything and can’t wait to have more of these wonderful little bundle of joys.

Jackie Kelsch of Summit Point, WV

I have known Mary for over a year. I have found her to be honest and fair. She is a reputable breeder who has been raising toy and mini Australian Shepherds for years. She strives to raise healthy and well socialized puppies. I have found her to be a woman of her word, I would love to see all breeders to be as concerned and caring about their dogs and puppies as Mary is about hers. But not only that, she also
wants to be sure that the buyer is happy and she knows to insure that she must raise quality pups and conduct her business in a fair and honest way, Always

Sharyn Davis

Mary loves her puppies and goes out of her way to keep “new parents” up to date on the progress of their chosen puppy prior to letting them go. We were notified the day our puppy was born and had pictures within hours and weekly after that. Hershey is a healthy. happy Mini who was well taken care of by her breeder prior to her adoption. Mary makes sure that each family is suitable for her puppies. She made sure WE were aware of their high energy and attention needs, She hates to see them leave but is genuinely happy when they are placed in a good home, Her house reminded us of “101” Dalmations” but every dog is loved and happy and taken care of with love and pride. A year later, we still send pictures of our dog to Mary and never hesitate to email her with questions if we have any concerns.

Sherry, Richard and Julia Yuras Herndon, Virginia

We brought Ginger, our Toy Australian Shepherd, home approximately one year ago? She has been a great addition to our family and makes us smile every day. From the first time we met Mary, the breeder, we felt very comfortable and knew we were getting Ginger from a loving home. It was obvious that Mary cared about each and every one of her pups. She was very knowledgeable about the breed and shared with us everything we needed to know. She sent us pictures on a regular basis leading up to the big day when we came to pick Ginger up. Mary made the entire experience a very positive one. We would strongly recommend anyone that is looking for an Australian Shepherd to get in touch with Mary. You will not be disappointed.

Barb and Lyle Padgett, Maryland

March of 2005 I flew from oregon to Maryland to pick up my new puppy, Meet Mary Kirkpatrick and seen her family of dogs. Only 8 weeks prior to my visit, Mary had undergone hip surgery and though she was still recovering from her ordeal. she welcomed me in her home for three days like I was family. At the end of those three days, I drove away with a wonderful breeding quality puppy and had made a dear friend for life. Mary’s got a good eye for dogs, she’s as honest as the day is long, tender hearted and she genuinely cares about placing the right puppy with their new family. My puppy flew home with me in the coach and never cried, later he made himself right at home and I believe his transition was so easy because all of Mary’s dogs do live in harmony in her home, get lots of love and receive great care. Not long ago, I purchased a second puppy from Mary and have plans to add yet another Kirkpatrick puppy to my family. God bless

Leah Columbus Noti, Oregon

I have known Mary Kirkpatrick for over 35 yr’s and have seen her breeding program during this time frame and have purchased several puppies from her and have recommended dozens of others. The main reason I buy and recommend puppies from her is not because she is an acquaintance, but the method in which she breeds her dogs. Mary is not a puppy mill operation, she treats and raises all her puppies as if they were her own. Mary does not use crates to house her dog or puppies, all the puppies are hand raised from birth and have full run of the house and her attention. When you go look at a litter and the puppies look healthy and seek your attention rather than look shy and afraid, you will see what I am talking about. All her puppies are treated with love and are handled and given attention until the day they leave her house. I just recently purchased a Toy Australian Shepherd from her and this dog is a lover with a think coat, good temp, size, confirmation and is as healthy as can be. His personality is one of playfulness and smarts and he gets along with my two Border Collies and family members.

Mary has a goal to produce only the finest of dogs and she is consistently improving the Toy Australian Shepherd breed. Mary will not just breed to produce litters, she breeds because she is looking to improve the breed for the proper look, Mary is always looking for sires and bitches around the Country which will improve her breeding program and will go at great lengths to purchase the right dogs I have bought two Border Collies in the yr’s past from Mrs. Kirkpatrick and the quality of those two dogs is unquestionable. They have the look, coat, temp and health of any dog you would want for yourself. Mary has carried this breeding quality over to her Toy Australian Shepherd program and I would find it hard for anyone to challenge her ethics as a breeder. Mary is also an individual that will work with you in picking out a puppy which will meet your specifications and is very willing to advise you on which sire or bitch litter would meet your need.

Martha Formeck Fairfax, Virginia

I initially stumbled across Mary’s website and contacted her as I was curious about the Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherd Breed. Not only was Mary very knowledgeable about the breed, she allowed us the opportunity to visit and sitdown with the dogs before we made our decision about that particular breed. Our first time there, we stayed 5 hours as we enjoyed her and her husband’s company as well as the dogs. We were so impressed with what we saw, we left leaving her a deposit for our pup. It’s very rare to find a breeder who interacts with you in a way that gives you a complete since of satisfaction. She takes the time to track the growth and progress of each pup and periodically sends you pictures for you to see your pup grow. Since we are local we were able to see our pup and interact with him quite a lot. Each time we visited, we felt at home and probably stayed longer than we should’ve, but Mary was very hospitable. We were able to bond with our pup in such a way that he is use to being around us already. There are no words that come to mind in describing the wonderful experience of choosing East Coast Aussies. Our future plans include another pup and there is no doubt he/she will be coming from East Coast Aussies. If you haven’t experienced the love, affection and loyalty of a Toy or Mini Aussie, you don’t know what you are missing. Proud Toy Aussie Shepherd Owners

Anthony and Erica Davis - King George, Virginia

Hi Mary,
Well Kiah Pi is coming up on her 2nd Birthday and we are thrilled with her. She is such a Love Bug and is still mommy’s girl forsure! We have all of our dogs on our website now and everyone Who goes to look at them and comments that Kiah is their #1 choice, She is incredible looking “Striking” is the most common word used, and she has an even better personality. She plays fetch, catches flies, and even tries to
play tug of war but really she just gets pulled across the floor because she isn’t big enough to pull the other dogs. We cannot thank you enough for breeding such wonderful dogs and for being such a reputable breeder, Thank you for Kiah and for taking the time these pass few years to answer all of our questions, ( even though we aren’t new to breeding dogs, We are new to this breed and you’ve been great! and for helping us find a suitable mate for Kiah.

You are wonderful, your dogs are wonderful and I am sure that we will purchase another one in the future. I watch your web site continually and really have to restrain myself from ordering up another one especially that cute little red tri that’s Kiah’s 1/2 sister . what a doll, If you ever need a reference, have your customer contact me at and I would be happy to answer their questions.
Talk to you soon and again, Thank you for being such an awesome breeder!

Tammy and the pack

We cannot say anything but wonderful things about Mary and her dogs/puppies. We came to Maryland for a visit and to place a deposit on a puppy and actually fell in love with one of Mary’s other dogs, Junior, What was for sale a short time. We were truly impressed with all the dogs and puppies and how Mary and her dogs knew each by name, My fiance and I could feel the love between Mary, her husband and the dogs, Mary was extremely professional and gave us every bit of information we needed. In order to give Junior a loving home. My fiance and I have fallen in love with Australian Shepherd breed, as Mary has, and we actually look forward to taking home another puppy this summer, Thank you Mary for adding such happiness (Junior) into our life.

Jamie Marlin & Hunry Hunt from Doylestown, Pa.

We are first time dog owners, After doing some research we became interested in Toy Aussies. Our online search led us to East Coast Aussies and our email inquiry was answered immediately by Mary. She was patient and listened to our needs and concerns. She is very knowledgeable about the breed. We were not able to go down and visit her but she helped us pick the right puppy and she was exactly right. Our own experience is the same as others who have commented about Mary in that her puppies are raised in a very positive environment and they have wonderful temperaments. We are so happy with our puppy, She was very easy to house train. She is great with people and other pets. We get lots of compliments on her all the time. They truly are the sweetest and smartest little dogs. Thank you again Mary.

Dr. Frank Setter Avon, Ct.

Mary took the time to talk with the whole family to determine the best puppy for us. We could not have had a better experience. She watched our children interact with the dogs and quickly identified Indi as the best match for our family’s disposition. She made sure we would give Indi the same love and care she would. There was no lack of answers for our many questions. Mary made sure we met the parents and saw how well behaved they were (with training). We are proud owners of a beautiful and smart toy aussie who quickly cemented his place in the family. Mary made the whole experience wonderful and we have already recommended her to several of our neighbors and friends.

The Woolvertons from Columbia, Maryland

Hello Mary,
I came across your web-site today and I wanted to say hello. Not sure if you remember me. I got one of your precious puppies over three years ago, Mollie and Two Bits were her parents. I picked out my puppy when she was about a week old. My whole family would come to your house every weekend so we
could visit with her and take pictures. You and your husband were so kind and patient with us. You always made us feel welcomed. You made our experience getting a puppy the greatest pleasure. Today my best friend Madison is doing great and has brought me and my family the greatest pleasure. She’s one of a
kind; I can’t express to you how much she has brought into my life and for this I thank you. I hope all is well with you and your family. I have attached two pictures of my little girl MADISON.

Darlene Boyd and Family

Hi Mary,
Kiwi is finally going to be spayed next week after missing her app a month ago, family Emerg. You must have wondered what happen to us, but believe me…….She is most amazing! Smart, evuberant love dog, And not a day passes when she hasn’t charmed even the most skeptical human, dog or cat. She’s almost 11 months old now. Hope you are well. I have sent sooooooo many people your way and hope kiwi will have some relatives (or East Coast Aussie) who meets us with the carpool! Love, Michelle, (Kiwi, Finn, and John too.


Jamie and I wanted to write you and thank you for letting us into your home to visit you and your family, We were blown away by the affection and appearance of all the dogs, Jamie was particularly touched by junior. We look forward to this June to welcome one of your pups into our home. Well be in touch

Hank and Jamie


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